All the Old Men are Gone • Lyrics

Written by Pam Gadd

All the old men in my life are gone
Cold tractors wait to plow
Tobacco pipes forever have burned out
Worn out walking sticks are layed to rest
Like callused hands across their chests
No longer holding on
For all the old men are gone

Dusty hats still hang upon their nails
In tribute to the sweated brows
And thousand plowed rows all paved over now
Brogans sit behind forgotten doors
Seems they could almost walk the floor
Shoes that once left footprints I walked on
But all the old men are gone

Gone to Heaven gone to Glory they’ve gone home
Gone to be with their deal loved ones
Who have waited for so long
What I’d give to sit upon the knee of my dear
Grandad’s lap
Old John or Uncle Jack… He was my favorite one
But all the old men are gone

All the old men in my life are gone
And with them gone the hugs and laughs
No more treasured stories of the past
Things are mighty quiet on the porch
Even the rocking chair don’t creak no more
But I’m sure proud to carry on
Since all the old men are gone

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar: Pam Gadd
Fiddle: Wanda Vick Burchfield
Lead Acoustic Guitar: Kenny Smith
Bass: Mark Burchfield
Clawhammer Banjo: Raymond McLain
Mandolin: Paul Kramer
Percussion: Nancy Given Gardner
High Harmony: Dale Ann Bradley
Low Harmony: Alan O’Bryant

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