CD • Benefit of Doubt

Benefit of Doubt

As time passes, it seems I am not able to adequately thank everyone who has stood along the way and cheered me on. To this wonderful circle of friends and family, devoted listeners, and most preciously to God, the awe-inspiring essence which gives me hope and purpose, I offer my most gracious thanks. This life seems so magnificent to me, so complicated, high-spirited, heart-wrenching and yet, so completely, utterly amazing. Seems I’ve spent my life wondering why I am here. Well, if creating songs, singing from my heart, and picking a banjo has anything to do with it, I simply ask I be given the “Benefit of Doubt.” – Pam

  1. Hold Whatcha Got
  2. Just Love Me
  3. After the Fire is Gone
  4. Black Water Rock
  5. Hit The Highway
  6. Until She Makes it Home
  7. There Ain’t Nothing We Can’t Do
  8. Applejack
  9. Tennessee Hound Dog
  10. The Only Thing Left Between Us
  11. Wrong Wrong Wrong
  12. Benefit of Doubt
  13. Home Sweet Highway

Special Thanks
The Musicians:
Wanda Vick Burchfield, Mark Burchfield, Aubrey Haynie, Andy Leftwich, Bryan Sutton and Steve Wariner.
Dale Ann Bradley, Nancy Gardner, Steve Gulley, Marty Raybon, and Dolly Parton.

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