Inch by Inch

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“This past year, as I wrote and arranged the songs chosen for my next album,” says veteran songwriter and bluegrass musician Pam Gadd, “I continually found myself coming back to this simple, yet profound truth. A friend reminded me over the phone one discouraging afternoon, counseling, ‘My mother always said, ‘Inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard.’

“I sort of laughed at the cliché phrase, and yet, I really heard what it meant. Weeks later, I found myself coming back to that idea. Then one afternoon, with banjo in hand, I began singing and weaving rolls around those lines. I warmed with excitement as the song started piecing itself together. That amazing muse is what I am most grateful for as an artist. Oh, how it heals my heart to go to that place of creating and expressing and storytelling. Dedicated to the journey, no matter how many detours along life’s way… just keep beginning from where you are right now. That is, after all, all there ever really is; right now. Don’t give up. You’ve got this, inch by inch.”

Featuring Wanda Vick Burchfield Fiddle & Dobro
Shaun Richardson Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin
Mark Burchfield Acoustic Bass
Nancy Given Gardner Harmony Vocal
Pam Gadd Lead & Harmony Vocal & Banjo

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