CD • The Time of Our Lives

The Time of Our Lives

I would like to dedicate this collection of original music to my lifelong friend and sweet musical companion, my Daddy, Lonzo Gadd. He lost his life to lymphoma at only 64 during the making of this project. No one ever believed in or encouraged me more. This is for you Daddy.

To my loving Mom, Carol Gadd, and my sister Tracy and brother Jeff, may you feel and know my heartfelt devotion, love and joy in sharing this with you.

  1. Virginia Man
  2. If I Was A River
  3. Hold Your Horses
  4. Some Things Stay The Same
  5. Acoustisizer
  6. Go On
  7. Blue Railroad Tracks
  8. A Whole Lot of Heart
  9. Living Room
  10. Settling Down
  11. Love Never Felt Like This
  12. Ramble and Roll
  13. The Time Of Our Lives

The Musicians:
Mandolin – Marty Stuart; Guitar – Randy Scruggs; Fiddles – Glen Duncan; Dobro – Rob Ickes; Bass – Kevin Grant; Acoustic Guitar, Squeeze Box – Jim Brown; Banjo, Guitar – Pam Gadd; Percussion – Kenny Malone; Rhythm Guitar – Billy Troy.

Lead Vocals – Pam Gadd; Background Vocals – Hugh Moore & Billy Troy

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