Until She Makes it Home • Lyrics

Written by Pam Gadd

Now all her friends are memories
And she’s left here alone
Staring out the screen door
And waiting for the phone
And no one’s left who knew her
Back when she was young
So her memories keep her company
Until she makes it home

Cherished dog tracks lead to silence
Only echoes tread the floor
A leash and empty collar
Hang lonely by the door
A faded dusty blanket
Waits by a ball and bone
And now a picture is her best friend
Until she makes it home

When she goes home
To meet her memories
Where loved ones wait
With welcome arms
And she sees them from a distance
As she holds them in her heart
And she hears them softly calling
But it’s not quite time to go
So she visits them in memory
Until she makes it home

She remembers when they married
Back when she was young and fair
It seemed life would last forever
And he’d always be there
Now she sleeps beside his pillow
Sets the table just for one
But in her dreams he still
Holds her tightly
until she makes it home


Lead Vocal/Banjo: Pam Gadd
Harmony Vocals: Dale Ann Bradley and Nancy Given-Gardner
Guitar: Bryon Sutton
Dobro: Wanda Vick Burchfield
Fiddle/Mandolin: Aubrey Haynie
Bass: Mark Burchfield

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