1: Indulge in latkes with sour cream and applesauce for a crispy, savory treat.

2: Whip up a batch of sufganiyot, Israeli jelly-filled donuts, for a sweet Hanukkah treat.

3: Try your hand at making potato kugel, a traditional Hanukkah side dish.

4: Delight your guests with slow-cooked brisket, a comforting Hanukkah main course.

5: Roast some root vegetables for a colorful and nutritious Hanukkah side dish.

6: Don't forget to serve up some homemade applesauce for your latkes.

7: Make a big batch of tzimmes, a sweet and savory Hanukkah stew.

8: Bake a fragrant challah bread for a festive Hanukkah dinner.

9: End your Hanukkah meal with a decadent chocolate babka for a sweet final touch.

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10 Hanukkah Recipes That Will Make Your Holiday Table Shine