1: 1. Danny Reagan becoming the NYPD Commissioner. 2. Jamie Reagan becoming a father. 3. Frank Reagan retiring as Police Commissioner.

2: 4. Eddie Janko getting promoted to Sergeant. 5. Erin Reagan becoming the District Attorney. 6. More family dinners at the Reagan household.

3: 7. A major case involving all the Reagan siblings. 8. More screen time for the Reagan grandchildren. 9. A crossover episode with Law & Order: SVU.

4: 10. A wedding for one of the Reagan siblings. 11. Frank and Mayor Chase resolving their differences. 12. A flashback episode showing Young Henry Reagan.

5: 13. New partnerships within the NYPD. 14. More focus on the Reagan family dynamics. 15. A heartfelt goodbye to a beloved character.

6: 16. A troubling case testing the Reagan's loyalty. 17. Jamie taking on a high-profile investigation. 18. Danny mentoring a young officer.

7: 19. Eddie grappling with a difficult decision. 20. Erin facing a moral dilemma as DA. 21. A memorable Reagan family celebration.

8: 22. Frank Reagan navigating a political scandal. 23. The return of familiar faces from past seasons. 24. A final showdown with a long-time adversary.

9: 25. A shocking twist that changes everything. 26. The Reagan family coming together in crisis. 27. The ultimate resolution for each character.

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