1: Catch Gina Torres in Firefly, a sci-fi classic with a loyal following. Her role as Zoe Washburne is unforgettable.

2: See Gina Torres shine in Hannibal as Jack Crawford's wife. Her powerful and elegant acting will leave you in awe.

3: Watch Gina Torres in The Catch as the mysterious Alice Vaughan. She brings a compelling presence to the screen.

4: Check out Gina Torres in Westworld as Charlotte Hale. Her portrayal of the complex character adds depth to the show.

5: Don't miss Gina Torres in Pearson, a Suits spin-off. Her performance as Jessica Pearson will keep you hooked.

6: Discover Gina Torres in Angel as Jasmine, a character like no other. Her captivating performance will mesmerize you.

7: Experience Gina Torres in Alias as Anna Espinosa, a formidable adversary. Her intensity in this role is truly remarkable.

8: Witness Gina Torres in Cleopatra 2525, a sci-fi series where she plays a kick-ass warrior. Her portrayal is fierce and memorable.

9: Explore Gina Torres in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys as Nebula, a strong and fearless warrior. Her presence is commanding and captivating.

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