1: "1. Keto-friendly pizza making: Kids love getting creative with low-carb toppings for a delicious meal."

2: "2. DIY keto-friendly trail mix: Encourage healthy snacking habits with a fun mix-and-match activity."

3: "3. Sugar-free baking fun: Try your hand at baking keto-friendly treats like cookies or muffins together."

4: "4. Smoothie-making station: Blend up colorful and nutrient-packed smoothies using keto-friendly ingredients."

5: "5. Veggie noodle art: Spiralize veggies into fun shapes to create colorful and nutritious pasta alternatives."

6: "6. Breakfast taco bar: Let kids assemble their own keto-friendly breakfast tacos with various fillings."

7: "7. Salad decorating station: Make eating veggies exciting by turning salad-making into an art project."

8: "8. Parmesan crisp creations: Bake up crispy and cheesy keto snacks that are perfect for little hands."

9: "9. Fruit-infused water station: Keep kids hydrated with refreshing and flavorful keto-friendly drinks."

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