1: Schnitzel - Classic German dish of breaded and fried cutlets served with lemon wedges.

2: Bratwurst - Grilled sausage made of pork, veal, or beef, usually served with sauerkraut.

3: Pretzels - Traditional baked bread snacks salted and shaped in a distinctive knot.

4: Sauerkraut - Fermented cabbage dish often served as a side with meats or sausages.

5: Black Forest Cake - Famous dessert made with layers of chocolate cake, cherries, and whipped cream.

6: Currywurst - Fried pork sausage topped with curry ketchup and curry powder, a popular street food.

7: Apfelstrudel - Apple pastry filled with cinnamon and raisins, served warm with vanilla sauce.

8: Spaetzle - Small dumplings or noodles often served as a side dish with gravy or cheese.

9: Königsberger Klopse - Meatballs cooked in a creamy caper sauce, a delicacy from the region of East Prussia.

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