1: Tony and Ziva raise their teenage daughter, Talia, as they navigate life after NCIS at Paramount.

2: The couple faces new challenges and adventures in their private investigation business.

3: Tony's witty charm and Ziva's badass skills make for a dynamic duo on screen.

4: Their strong bond is put to the test as they uncover dark secrets from their past.

5: Fans are thrilled to see the beloved characters back in action in May 2024.

6: Tony and Ziva's undeniable chemistry continues to sizzle on screen.

7: Paramount delivers suspense, drama, and romance in this highly anticipated series.

8: Audiences can't get enough of Tony and Ziva's thrilling escapades in each episode.

9: Stay tuned for more sneak peeks into Tony and Ziva's life post-NCIS at Paramount!

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