1: Unwind with a classic Peach Bellini made with sparkling Prosecco and fresh peach puree.

2: Try a refreshing Strawberry Bellini with ripe strawberries and a splash of champagne.

3: Indulge in a tropical Pineapple Bellini featuring sweet pineapple juice and bubbly prosecco.

4: Sip on a vibrant Raspberry Bellini made with juicy raspberries and sparkling wine.

5: Toast to a special occasion with a delicious Mango Bellini blended with ripe mangoes and champagne.

6: Celebrate with a fun Pomegranate Bellini combining pomegranate juice and bubbly prosecco.

7: Enjoy a luxurious Blackberry Bellini with fresh blackberries and a splash of champagne.

8: Experience a unique Lavender Bellini infused with lavender syrup and sparkling wine.

9: Get creative with a Blood Orange Bellini featuring blood orange juice and champagne for a citrusy twist.

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