1: Spot 3 changes within 15-seconds in these images of a man sipping tea.

2: Detect 3 subtle distinctions within 15-seconds in these tea-drinking gentleman shots.

3: Quickly identify 3 variances in these pictures of a man enjoying his tea.

4: Can you find 3 discrepancies in 15-seconds in these gentleman tea scenes?

5: Challenge yourself to find 3 differences in these quick-tea images.

6: Test your observation skills with these 15-second tasks to spot 3 tea-drinking image differences.

7: In just 15-seconds, spot 3 differences between these gentleman tea moments.

8: Find 3 alterations within 15-seconds in these tea-sipping gentleman photos.

9: Speedy challenge: Identify 3 dissimilarities in these images of a man with his tea.

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