1: Donnie Wahlberg's Dreadful Career Assumption Donnie Wahlberg feared he'd get fired tomorrow after meeting Blue Bloods costar Tom Selleck.

2: Tom Selleck's Influence Tom Selleck's presence made Donnie Wahlberg nervous about his future on Blue Bloods.

3: Overcoming Fear Despite doubts, Donnie Wahlberg overcame his fear of being fired on set.

4: Professional Growth Working with Tom Selleck helped Donnie Wahlberg grow in his career.

5: Supportive Cast Donnie Wahlberg found support from his Blue Bloods costars during tough times.

6: Learning Opportunity Meeting Tom Selleck was a learning experience for Donnie Wahlberg.

7: Career Resilience Donnie Wahlberg's resilience has led to success beyond his fears of being fired.

8: Confident Outlook Donnie Wahlberg now faces career challenges with confidence, thanks to Tom Selleck.

9: Empowering Lesson Donnie Wahlberg learned that career doubts can be turned into opportunities for growth.

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