1: Tom Selleck and Blue Bloods cast salaries are under scrutiny for final season. Find out why the cuts were necessary.

2: Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan face reduced pay for Blue Bloods farewell. Learn the reasons behind the decision.

3: Fans are surprised by salary adjustments for Selleck and co-stars on Blue Bloods. Discover the impact on the show's future.

4: Breaking news: Blue Bloods stars Selleck and Wahlberg take pay cuts for last season. Explore the details behind the renegotiation.

5: Contract renegotiations lead to salary reductions for Blue Bloods cast. Uncover the reasons for the cost-cutting measures.

6: Tom Selleck's pay decrease shocks fans as Blue Bloods enters final season. Learn how the changes will affect the show's finale.

7: Blue Bloods stars' salaries slashed ahead of last season. Find out why Selleck and his co-stars accepted reduced pay.

8: Tom Selleck and co-stars face pay cuts for Blue Bloods farewell. Discover the factors that influenced the salary adjustments.

9: Why did Tom Selleck and Blue Bloods cast agree to reduced salaries? Learn the reasons behind the cost-saving measures for the show's final season.

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