1: Tony and Ziva reunite in new NCIS spinoff. Fans excited for the return of the iconic duo.

2: Chemistry between Tony and Ziva still sizzles. New spinoff promises action, drama, and romance.

3: Tony and Ziva's dynamic partnership takes center stage. NCIS spinoff explores their unresolved feelings.

4: Will they finally get together in the new series? Fans speculate on the future of Tony and Ziva.

5: Excitement builds for the upcoming NCIS spinoff. Tony and Ziva's return sparks nostalgia and anticipation.

6: Return of Tony and Ziva brings back old memories. NCIS spinoff promises to delve deeper into their story.

7: Fans eagerly await Tony and Ziva's next chapter. New NCIS spinoff set to reignite their epic romance.

8: Tony and Ziva's reunion set to be a major TV event. NCIS spinoff to explore their complicated relationship.

9: Get ready for the epic return of Tony and Ziva. NCIS spinoff to captivate viewers with their story.

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