1: "American Badass Bikes: A Comparison" Discover the top 5 bikes owned by the American Badass.

2: "Harley-Davidson Fat Boy" Explore the iconic Fat Boy, a favorite of the American Badass.

3: "Indian Scout" Learn about the stylish and powerful Indian Scout in the American Badass's collection.

4: "Ducati Diavel" Find out why the Ducati Diavel made it to the American Badass's top 5 bikes.

5: "Victory Gunner" Check out the sleek and tough Victory Gunner in the American Badass's garage.

6: "Custom Chopper" Discover the unique custom chopper that the American Badass loves to ride.

7: "BMW R NineT" Learn about the BMW R NineT, a top choice for the American Badass.

8: "Yamaha VMAX" Explore the powerful and stylish Yamaha VMAX in the American Badass's bike collection.

9: "American Badass's Favorite Ride" Find out which bike from the top 5 is the American Badass's ultimate favorite.

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