1 Tom Selleck is Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. The actor's portrayal of the NYPD commissioner has captivated fans as he celebrates his 79th birthday.

2 Selleck's leadership as Frank Reagan brings gravitas to Blue Bloods. Fans admire his integrity and dedication to family and justice on the hit show.

3 On Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck's character balances family and duty. His portrayal of Frank Reagan showcases loyalty and moral fortitude as fans celebrate his 79th birthday.

4 As Frank Reagan, Tom Selleck navigates complex moral dilemmas on Blue Bloods. Fans connect with his character's sense of duty and honor as he turns 79.

5 Tom Selleck's role on Blue Bloods as Frank Reagan resonates with viewers. His character's integrity and leadership are central to the show's success and his 79th birthday.

6 Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods, embodies strength and integrity. Fans appreciate his character's unwavering commitment to justice as he turns 79.

7 Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods celebrates his 79th birthday. Fans admire his character's loyalty, compassion, and dedication to the NYPD.

8 Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is the heart of Blue Bloods. His character's sense of duty and family values resonate with viewers as he turns 79.

9 Tom Selleck's performance as Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods is iconic. Fans celebrate the actor's 79th birthday as they appreciate his character's integrity and leadership.

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